Kolkata Chromosome | Durga’s foot soldier

The Bosepukur Sitala Mandir Durga Puja pandal is difficult to miss. From a distance one can spy the spherical structure looming above the tall fencing of corrugated sheets on the Rashbehari Connector in south Kolkata. The space is cordoned off from public view, but inside, it does not take much effort to locate Kajal Sarkar. The secretary of the puja organizing committee is where all the action is.
It is late morning and Sarkar is showing a joint inspection team around the pandal. “Sir, we have two gates, for entrance and exit, and in case of emergency there’s another small gate out there.” His voice echoes inside the hollow metal sphere as he speaks to Rajeev Mishra, the joint commissioner of police (headquarters), who is leading the team comprising members from various government departments.
Read the full story on a day spent with a Durga Puja organising committee member HERE.

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