Of all the BJP’s about turns, I like this one best

Did you notice the difference in the tone of the BJP on the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) before and after the general elections? Well, the party which was vehemently opposed to the exchange of enclaves has now said it is working towards building a “political consensus” on the matter. What a welcome change this is! If indeed they succeed in building a political consensus and implement the Indira-Mujib agreement of 1974, history will be made. India will be finally be able to honour the promise made to Bangladesh, and the enclave dwellers, forty years ago.

The opposition to the LBA is meaningless. It will only serve to perpetuate the humanitarian crisis and multiply the misery of the 50,000 odd “non-people” living in the pockets of no-man land. I recently wrote in Scroll.in why Sushma Swaraj’s little-noticed change of tune in Dhaka is a good sign. I entreat you to click on the link and read more on this issue. The enclave-dwellers need your attention.



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