Documentary project


In this unfinished film, which has a working title of Singing for Lost Motherland, Biren Das Sharma and I tell the story of Manoj Rai, a music teacher in one of the camps in eastern Nepal. Through music and performing arts, he’s been trying to engage the camp children, who are second generation refugees. We shot this film in 2007. A lot of developments have taken place since then. These people have been scattered all over the globe as part of third-country settlement. These children must have grown up by now. I am trying to find them out. I want to ask them how their dreams have changed. Should anyone reading this post come across them, let me know. Please!

Update: Biren-da passed away and this project got orphaned. I still dream for this film to happen (for the sake of his tears that had trickled down the eye that was not stuck into the camera while interviewing a refugee at a Timai camp) though right now I feel totally defeated.


  1. Kumar

    Why didnt you share this further to find them out ? Share it in fb and in other resources and try to complete the story.


    • Anuradha Sharma

      thank you, kumar.. yes, I’m looking around for leads and ideas.. hopefully someday this film will see the light of the day



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